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Benefits of Neutral Corners Mediation

  • NO RETAINERS – We do not charge the same set fee for all, but rather work on an hourly basis with a set document production fee, so those that take less time saves money.
  • FREE CONSULTATION – You are both welcome to call and have all your questions answered, or to come in together for a no cost, no obligation consultation.
  • PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL – All communication within Mediation is covered by is strictly confidential and cannot be used in subsequent court proceedings.
  • WITH OR WITHOUT ATTORNEYS – you have the right to consult with an attorney, an attorney is not required for Mediation.
Credit Cards Accepted and alternative payment plans available upon Client’s request. Free Consultation
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Family Mediation

Divorce and family disputes can be some of the most unpleasant and uncomfortable matters…

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Neutral Corners Mediation, successfully resolves and manages family, divorce, workplace, and civil disputes…

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About Us

"I mediated conflicts between bitter enemies and found solutions that worked and helped pave the way to a functioning court system by the end of my department. I know how to cut through the chaos and help people find mutually agreed upon solutions.”

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify areas of potential agreement and use that as a basis for future sessions.

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